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Package 5: Pumpkin Spice + Everything Nice (Delivery ONLY)

Package 5: Pumpkin Spice + Everything Nice (Delivery ONLY)

Package 5 includes delivery only. 


5 Medium & Large Jack O' Lanterns

5 Specialty

5 Small Orange & White Pumpkins

5 Mini Pumpkins


Package 5 is the perfect choice for the DIYer. No time to go store to store scouting the perfect pumpkins? We'll curate and deliver the perfect mixture of pumpkins and leave the decorating to you!


Additional add-ons available:

Big Max Pumpkin - Add a jumbo big max pumpkin to add an extra special element for your guests or customers. Perfect for a photo prop, grand opening, or fall party!


Straw Bale- Add a bale of straw to add height to your display. 


Corn Stalks- Add a corn stalk bundle to add texture to your display. Corn stalks need to be tied to something for support, so best used when a pillar or post is available.


Pickup & Disposal - If you select this option at checkout, we'll come back to remove your pumpkins and recycle them.

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