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Package 2 (Delivery + Design): Oh My Gourd!

Package 2 (Delivery + Design): Oh My Gourd!

*The photo above is an example and does not showcase this specific package. Package 2 includes MORE pumpkins than shown.


Package 2 includes delivery, design and layout!


15-20 Medium/ Large Jack o'Lanterns

15+ Specialty (includes a variety of Cinderella, Porcelain Doll, Jarrahdale, or Fairytale)

15+ Orange & White Pie Pumpkins

Assortment of Mini Pumpkins + Gourds

2 Straw Bales


Package 2 includes stacks on stacks of specialty pumpkins that add beautiful fall color at your door. Two straw bales are included to add height, offering a way for pumpkins to cascade through the display. Plenty of medium and large jack-o-lanterns to have a carving party with small pie pumpkins and mini gourds sprinkled throughout. This package includes layout and design.


Additional add-ons available:

Big Max Pumpkin - Add a jumbo big max pumpkin to add an extra special element for your guests or customers. Perfect for a photo prop, grand opening, or fall party!


Straw Bale- Add a bale of straw to add height to your display. 


Corn Stalks- Add a corn stalk bundle to add texture to your display. Corn stalks need to be tied to something for support, so best used when a pillar or post is available.


Pickup & Disposal - If you select this option at checkout, we'll come back to remove your pumpkins and recycle them.

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